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Application of the YEAR

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Application of the YEAR Empty Application of the YEAR

Post  YagamiLight on Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:13 pm

So, Here we go again? I'm going to make another Application since the forum was reset. Well, Anyway let's start.

NAME: Sadskee
IGN: Blitz

I want to join the staff not because i want to have fun.
It's Because The community is getting Lower and lower each day.
So, My goal is to make it back to normal the way it was.
By doing such events, like Hide and Seek, Question and Answer, and so many more to mention.
And i want to make them satisfy with my own unique events. Making interesting Story events, Find the Balloon. and etc.

I do have an experience being a GM.
I've been a GM in an not so Popular server. I last 4months as Event GameMaster, Cause the server is lacking of money to pay the dedi server.
Then I played another server and got promoted to Staff as Event GM. I last 4-5months(I think). They shutdown the server with the same reason as the first server i came in, And alot of bugs.
The third one is being a part of Dopeflyff staff. I became a GM Last year i think. and i last 3-4months, Then i resigned honorably, Cause i want to study. I don't want to be Disturbed while being a GM. So, Thats why i resigned and studied engineering. Smile

More info 'bout me?
Hmm? I'm 21years of age. And I don't know how to sleep. Sleep? Only weak people sleeps.
I'm a friendly dude, but I only have few friends in flyff. But i do have tons of friends in real life. Especially in the CLUB. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! SHAKE! SHAKE!
Well, Where was i? oh right. I'm online Everyday for like 12hours++ Depends on the weather.
I can be your Guide and Mentor in Game. Especially on farming tips Smile Farming is my passion. Thats why I don't have any Main characters, Because i want to farm till the end. MUWAHAHAHAHA.


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Application of the YEAR Empty Re: Application of the YEAR

Post  Dope on Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:39 pm

send me a forum private message if you are still active.

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Application of the YEAR Empty Re: Application of the YEAR

Post  beazeoutss on Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:14 pm

LooooL I remember you from nemesis u were an event manager ☺

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Application of the YEAR Empty Re: Application of the YEAR

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