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Mark GM EVENT Application

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Mark GM EVENT Application Empty Mark GM EVENT Application

Post  Lawliet. on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:24 am

Name : Mark Balisi
Age : 18
Country : Philippines
IGN : Mark143

Hobbies: SHOPPING! Hanging out with friends, FlYFFING (obviously), Man hunt and last but certainly not least: I love to listen to music. Keeps me cool

~When did I start playing FlyFF?~ I started playing FlyFF when I was about 13 and I've always played side-by-side a GM on Insanity FlyFF, unfortunately he got fired due to budget cuts. been playing on P servers ever since... I love World Of Flyff's server because its the only server with the 5000 rates. But that's not what makes this server so good. Its the community, the great and experienced game-masters and Dope's owner abilities. If they weren't good the server would've been down a long time ago.

~How can I contribute to and benefit the server?~ I contribute to this server And to this community daily and I must say it gives me great pleasure helping people out and having fun with these people around me. Helping others has always been something I loved to do since i'm a nurse outside of my internet life as Flyffer. Helping people is what I do for a living. Which is also why I would think I would make a great Game-master.

~What experience have you had?~ I was an event Game Master on V16 back in the early days, got fired because the server crashed and unfortunately never got back up, haven't spoken to the owner in years, sadly he never returned any of my calls. (He was a close friend.) I've applied once again for a different Pserver but got declined cause I was 'inactive'. Yes I just started at my job so I was quite busy as you may understand. Now that i've finally gotten my life back together, i'm all open for a permanent position on this private server outside of my real job.

~Availability: I'm available every day 6-10 hours a day. Besides my real job of course I know 6 to 10 hours a day is a bit of a difference but it depends on my job and also on my friends. I do like to go shopping and hanging out with my friends outside of work and FlyFF so yeah I'd like to thank you for even reading this application, I hope you consider me. Best of luck to the other applicants and lets keep it friendly Add me in-game if you have any questions or if you just want to chill I'm online everyday and always ready to help someone.

Thanks for reading! Hope you like it!

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