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SkyLineKaze's GM Application (Sorry I accidentally made 2 forum accounts)

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SkyLineKaze's GM Application (Sorry I accidentally made 2 forum accounts) Empty SkyLineKaze's GM Application (Sorry I accidentally made 2 forum accounts)

Post  CLGSora on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:01 am

Name :
Julius Caesar Librada

Age :
16 Very Happy

Time Zone :
GMT + 8

I am really into this game since I ever played it, there is something special that I see here that aren't in other FlyFF Pservers. I have been playing FlyForDope for a very long time, I still remeber a lot of guilds in siege and of course, BPs always dominate them hahahah Razz . I remember the good old days when I am confused with Medal of Power because in the shop, it is Medal of Honor hahaha Razz but this time, this time, I see the system is flawless. I just want to see the players, you know, enjoy this game for its very good state. I know one man can't make that much a difference but I can add to that difference if I'll be given a chance.

I am very active specially on weekends because I stay in the house most of the time and I don't actually play any other games other than this so I just want to make the best out of it Very Happy .

I am also quite strict in implementing rules because I just don't want to see some misunderstandings between the players. A very good environment with bad player auras = not very good for the system.

I have a lot of experience in FlyFF because I have played the official server PH and a few other Pservers. I am quite knowlegeable with the environment and will be very glad in answering questions.

If I ever become a GM, I am telling you guys, I'll need your help but don't worry, when you need me, I'll always be there for you Very Happy .

Thank You for reading my application Very Happy

Have a Nice Day

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