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FlyForDope Forum / Game RULES!

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FlyForDope Forum / Game RULES!

Post  Melisa on Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:49 pm

§1 - General rules
Using your common sense is one of the rules you have to follow. If you think something that you are doing might be wrong, either ask someone trustworthy or just do not do it.
Talking to anybody in a negative way; does not have to be directly rude - will be also punished.
Using any offensive in-game names or forum names will be asked to be changed. If you do not follow the instructions given, this character's name will be changed to a random name. If in the case of that happened on the forums, your account will be temporarily disabled. (Inappropriate names such as sexually related, due to not everybody being over 18 and seeing vulgar/provocative names around isn't nice either. Thanks for understanding.)
Following the rules, we have to add that you must respect everybody, no matter what their ethnicity, language, beliefs or religion is. That also implies no harassing of other players for any of these reasons or any other you could think about. This includes players or Staff members In-Game AND on Forums.

§2 - Spam
spamming is when someone repeatedly says something to fill up the chat/forums, when someone does smileys for no apparent reason or simply posting a message multiple times.
on forums we have a specific section for spamming, if you have anything to post that doesn't relate in any way to other sections you can post them there (for example: forum games, feelings, etc). in-game if you get caught repeating a message in shout over and over again you'll get a warning. if you do not stop you'll get muted for a certain amount of days.
if you spam someone in private message and he/she reports you with a screenshoot of it after having told you to stop and you continue, you'll get muted as well. no exceptions or excuses. (mute length will be 7 days)
'bumping' more than once a day in your selling/buying thread it's considered spamming. if a moderatdor sees that he/she is allowed to your thread.
the punishment you'll receive if doing that on forums will be a ban (the length of which will depend on the severity of your infraction.) if you continue after the temporary ban, you'll get a permanent ban. however if you spam in-game you'll get muted for a couple of days and if not stopping you will get banned as well.

§3 - Scamming
Scamming is when someone attempts to steal items or money from a player by gaining their confidence/trust. Making someone believe an item it's cheap when it is not to buy it for a lower price, or pretending it's expensive while it's not to sell it for a higher price is considered scamming.
Trading an item to someone for a specific item which another of your 'friends' is selling to make the buyer buy your friends item to get the one he really needs is also considered scamming. If you get caught your scamming your characters will get deleted (ALL OF THEM).
Begging or asking to be forgiven will result in a ban, so don't do it.

§4 - Kill Stealing
That is when you kill someone else mobs which of course do not belong to you.
For instance someone gathered a certaint spawn of mobs to aoe them and you go there unexpectedly and kill them. That is for sure against the rules.This also applies to Bosses.
To take action in any of these cases, we'll need screenshots of it or if we are online we'll check it ourselves.
The punishment will be a week frozen, which means you won't be able to move or use skills. After a week you can contact a Game Master and you'll be unfrozen.
If this continues happening we'll disable your account. You'll be frozen for 7 days starting from the day you ksed.

§5 - Hacking/Bugs:
Using anything that gives you advantage over other players is against the rules.  Bug is part of the server already so it's not considered against the rules. Also report bugs you find that give you an advantage like for example Hiding spots/places you should not be able to go but are able to. You will be warned and/or banned if you get caught abusing bugs.
Duplicating items(also called duping) is also forbidden. If we catch you with ANY item that has been duplicated, or if we have reason to believe your items are duplicated you will be permanently banned with no chance to appeal.
Using any of this things to have advantage over any other player will be punished with a Permanent Ban and no chance to appeal it.

§6 - Advertising of other FlyFF private server:
That is completly forbidden In-Game and on Forums.
We won't tolerate any kind of advertising of other FlyFF private server. You'll only get warned ONCE if you advertise on Forums, in-game you'll be muted straight away. If you get caught advertising another FlyFF server through private messaging and someone sends us proof of you doing so, your accounts will be banned without a warning. If this rule isn't followed you will get banned.

§7 - Selling/Buying Accounts/Items:
We DO NOT allow you to sell accounts of any kind, not for another account on DOPE, real money, items etc. Selling/buying an account for real money is forbbiden, if caught doing so you'll be banned.
- Selling accounts for another one in a different FlyFF pserver.
After reading the Advertising part you should already know the answer to this one. If you attempt to sell/trade a DopeFlyFF account for an account in a different server you will be banned.
- Do not give away your account or allow someone to give you their account. If the original account owner comes back and you lose access to his/her account we won't refund anything you had.
Selling/buying anything for REAL MONEY is forbidden and permanent bans will be handed out if you get caught not following this rule.

§8 - AFK / Bot - Farming:
That is when someone goes on a spot where there is a nice ammout of monsters and aoes while being away from the computer. Everybody has a fair chance to aoe and farm money while they are online so farming while sleeping or being away (afk) it is forbbiden.
If you're caught doing that you will get warned somehow and asked not to do so. If this continues your character will get frozen.

§9 - Impersonation:
impersonation is when you pretend to be someone else without their permision in order to steal your account, password or money/items. if someone claims he or she is an administrator or gamemaster and doesn't have the [admin] or [gm] tag behind his/her name report them on the forums.
impersonating Dopeflyff staff members will get all of your accounts permanently banned.
creating any characters with names similar to those of any of our staff members that could possibly cause confusion to players(for example; making a seraph named Melisa if there is a staff member with the name Melisa is a bannable offence) this also applies to forum accounts.
if you break this rule you'll get banned. if this happens when impersonating a played you will be asked to change your name or it.

§10 - Policy on Stolen Accounts:
If your account has been stolen there are different reasons why this could have happened. No matter what the reason was, unless you're able to prove it got hacked and you didn't lose it because of telling someone your password or recovery question, we will NOT give your account or items back.
One of the main reasons people lose their account is because of sharing it with someone you thought was trustworthy but in the end they turned out not to be. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WITH YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION!

Last but not least someone could have guessed your ID and/or password. Do not think that it's not possible, especially if you have an easy to guess username or password. Tip; Use both numbers and letters in your password to make it more secure.
Note: If you forget your information it's your own fault. You have to provide as much proof of it being yours as possible if you want to recover it, we are not in any way forced to give you access or information about your account.

§11 - Forum specified:
- Behave, do not be rude towards anybody, respect and you will be respected back, no offensive words.
- Do not create any threads which could cause any sort of conflict.
- Do not make any false accusation about someone.
- When making a report do it organized and correctly.
- Creating threads constandly asking to get unbanned or unmuted or unfrozen we will get them deleted and your account will be banned in forums for a couple of days.
- Not following the rules will get you kicked.
- Do not post any offensive pictures/videos etc.
- Remember to post in the correct section of the forums.
- You are only allowed to 'bump' your Selling/Buying/Trading thread once a day.
- Do not make multiple threads on the Market Place. (If one is finished please let us know by saying CLOSED)
- The signature size should be approximately. 700x400.(due to recent events this rule has changed, the administrator, gamemaster or moderator will decide whether the signature follows the standards or is way too big.)
Note to the staff; Please be flexible and ask for second opinions
- Avoid replying on reports, leave these for the staff member
- Creating an account with the name of a Staff member is not allowed.

§12 - Lord
Abusing the Lord-skills as a Lord is not allowed. As well,
manipulation of the lord election (using other characters to vote for yourself) are forbidden. When you break this rules as a lord, or as a candidate, you will be banned for three days or
loose your lord rights. We won't choose a second lord for this period of time.

Happy Gaming<3


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