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Mr./Ms. Know It All

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Mr./Ms. Know It All

Post  Artisan on Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:49 am

This event is for everyone ingame. The mechanics and rules are as follow:

~ At a random time (whenever I want to), there will be a question in the SHOUT CHAT regarding what is happening around the world and FLYFF as well.
~ The answer to the question can be googled all you want.
~ The first one to PM me wins!

1. First one to PM me wins!!
2. Time is random, no given time so everyone has a chance
3. Prize is 1k DMC per question, and may change.
4. Only "TheLegendIsBack" will be shouting the question and will not be repeated
5. Do no spam me with your answers, once is enough!
6. 3 questions a day will be given, and a random bonus round MAY be given if alot of people are online!

Just a heads up coz I might ask these questions for fun (and with a prize ofcourse):
~ My name is Bernard
~ I am 21 years old
~ I have been playing Dope Flyff for almost 4 years now
~ My legendary name is Artisan


P.S. I hope a GM/Admin can help me plug this event, just to ease the boredom from people not doing anything but AFK. A plug for it everyday would be nice or every once in awhile.

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