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Emily Gm Application

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Emily Gm Application Empty Emily Gm Application

Post  Emily1994 on Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:45 pm

Name: Emily Cano
Age: 21
GMT:(-8:00) North Hills, California
IGN: ChocolateBar
I may be a little older but i know what i am doing.

A little about me:
I been a Gm for a previous (PS) but i left for school and other personal reasons. i know what it means to have power and have fun in the game.
i am a single mother of a baby boy that made me think a lot in this world.
i am a full time student and part time worker.
i love playing sports when i have time with my friends. (baseball, football(flag), volleyball, and soccer.
i live with my parents.
i am 3 years away from graduating from University of California, Los Angeles.
i can speak 2 Languages English and Spanish.
i have been playing Dope since v15 on and off due to school and studying and then work.

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