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Post  Jaeggerjquez on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:57 am

Name: Arnel joseph losdoc 

In Game Name: Jaeggerjaquez

Facebook: arnel jaeggerjaquez

Age: 21

Country: Philippines

Languages: English , Tagalog , Bisaya....

Time: GMT +8

Needless to say I've played Flyff since i was 14 i was the first player of Dope version 15 before that was deleted. i have some GM experience already. i was the assistant admin of MU philippines before and also experience head Game master for AION and a game master on other flyff server before. all the servers i handled as game master they all turn out deleted, so i guess im quite loyal in terms of my gaming. i tried looking for different kind of server and then finally i bump into this server which is pretty like on the way of constructing. i am always active and lots of ideas about Events. if given a chance to show what i can do then maybe imma prepare myself in answering most of your question because base on my experience... my screen will be covered by PM's...

the very best reason i can give to you about why should i hire myself is all of us people are Genius in our own ways,some of us have the idea but dont have the chances to speak it out loud, some of us has the Right to speak but dont literally have an idea, So i guess  i have some of this IN-GENIUS ideas which will totally help the server out.just give me my chances and you will not regret..

THANK YOU GM Apllication Icon_lol GM Apllication Icon_lol GM Apllication Icon_lol GM Apllication Icon_lol GM Apllication Icon_lol

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