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Seira's Gm Application

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Seira's Gm Application Empty Seira's Gm Application

Post  xXxIcarusxXx on Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:32 am

Name:Shiranui Kurimaki
Age:19 years old (turning 20)
Birthday:September 20, 1995
Gmt:(Gmt + 9:00)

About me:
            -I don't have any experience for being gm,but i'll do my best to help the others.
            -My hobbies are Playing Violin,Watching Anime,Listening to Vocaloid Songs and Singing.
            -I've been playing Dope Flyff since v15.
            -I can speak 3 languages (English,Tagalog,and Japanese).
            -I'm Half Japanese and Tagalog.
            -Im teaching kids Violin lessons.
            -I'm a Vocaloid lover Very Happy

                                 Razz  Thank you for reading my application.Have a good day ^-^. Razz


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