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DontGiveUp Gm application

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DontGiveUp Gm application  Empty DontGiveUp Gm application

Post  kirusanth on Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:08 pm

Game Name: DontGiveUp
Real Name: Kirusanth
Facebook: Kiru Jana
Work: Yahoo (graphics designer)
Gmt:(Gmt + 08:00)

Why  i want to be a gm?
The reason why i would like to become a gm is because i been playing Flyff for a quite a long time and Flyff is the only game which i enjoy playing. I know gm has quite a lot of responsibilities but i think i am capable to take them and give my best shot at it. As i said i been playing Flyff for a long time which makes me good at knowing the game and if any one needs help, i would give my best shot at it to answer it in the best possible way i can and the efficient way.

What i can offer if i become gm?
- I am a graphics designer
- I know most of the things about Flyff
- I am not scared to ask for help if i need it
- I am easy to talk to..
- I can explain things clearly
- I can speak 7 languages

If u guys need help in game with anything or need some one to talk too just pm or leave me a message..
I am always happy to help

                                                            Thanks for reading my speech and hope u guys have a nice day Very Happy


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