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Game Master Application (Dope Flyff)

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Game Master Application (Dope Flyff) Empty Game Master Application (Dope Flyff)

Post  Madrigal Guardian on Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:42 pm

Hey guys, i'm Madrigal Guardian, or 'BladeBytch', as known in-game. My real name is Thomas, and I have come here to apply for the GM position. I have been playing Fly For Fun since the beta versions, and have made many YouTube channels, videos, presentations, and other projects based on the game. FlyFF has been a large impact on my life, and it is a game I never think to stop playing! I have been a GM on the private server Fly For Hero, in its early versions, but had ended my career as a FFH Game Master, for school related issues, and current family events. I believe that the Dope Flyff community is a great place, and I would love to take part in helping out in the game. I have acquired skill and knowledge is basic coding: i.e: Java, Python, C++, HTML, and so on. I can remember basically, 90% of the things in FlyFF, and only few minor details, I will often forget.

Other information:
I am 18 years of age
I am a very helpful person
I take every chance i get to help people out
And I speak a variety of languages!

Now I know you guys wont want to be reading a book, because I used to help out with the applications in other pservers, and I know how much of a hassle it is, so I hope that you consider me as an in-game GM, and I hope you have a great day!


Madrigal Guardian

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Game Master Application (Dope Flyff) Empty Re: Game Master Application (Dope Flyff)

Post  Jaeggerjquez on Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:11 am

Good Luck!!!!  Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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