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A Brief to the Server

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A Brief to the Server Empty A Brief to the Server

Post  Sonorpearl on Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:51 pm

HeyHo lovely Community,

this topics will reference to the goal that all players will have more fun on the Server and
I am targeting the Problem that the Storm surge of new Users in the beginning is slowy lowering.

So first off all some Declarations so that you will understanding some Parts of the following better.

The Files were bought from some German Developer, which were aiming at only the 1% of the Players.
The 1% that will farm to death and donate to beat the game.
In fact that and some of his own Problems about managing, lead the Server to die.
So far not so many improvements have been made. But some things in a Good way but others are going in the wrong way IMHO.
Also I´m believing that the developer sold the Files more bugged than they are, because some System worked perfectly fine there.
(The Server wasnt crashing every 4-8 hours)

With that said, we shall now beginn.

The aimed player base

A Server should be fun for everyone, but also needs to be paid. Thats a huge Problem in the whole gaming scenary.
But how hard should donating influence the gameplay?
IMHO donating should be something you do for supporting a Server. I mean you buy a good Game, if its good, right?
Better said Donating should be something like:
Gameplay is buying and driving a card. And Donatings give you a nice seated heat, so that you better relax the Route you are taking.
But Donating should not be buying a car or the possibility to get escorted by the police. (In this example the Serverstaff).

Nobody really wants that, even the ones who are buying it. They simple loss their feeling to really farm and having something to do ingame.

All that is referencing to the Gold-Weapon system and everything else, I head would come in the future.

In the conclusion I wanted to say that there should be more like a Gameplay "Helper" for example like the Premium Status (Lowering CD, getting a little higher Values...).
Also some things that should be there that you can buy sets up to the best Weapons Ingame. But not the best or second greatest Weapons. So that you can invest money to get a cool heap upstairs if you are starting a Game. So that the best things can only be farmed Ingame through a variety of ways. And I would personally see 1-2 Sets higher than dope farmed fairly through a dungeon, faction, pvp or some other system. (Not Always a new dungeon is better)

Now the second and heavier part I already mentioned above. Aiming at the 1% and the farmed all day long part.
I mean there should be option and I mean many options that players can farm all day long to get better and better Weapons and Sets.
But it should be rewarding for everyone and especially balanced to that a market can be created on it.

With that I am aiming at the huge gaps between the Sets/-Weapon Effects on the different like Dope and Gold stuff and so on.
Yea there should be a difference between the hardcore player and a casual player. But some difference the hardcore likes in the second thought and a casual player likes in his first thought.
I mean if I play all the time, thats in fact I did, I´m farming easily 100k DMC per day and I want to rewarded for it. But if I can buy stuff, that is giving me like 1000 % Increased Critical Damage. It may be fun in the first place. But it will bore the hell out of me if I can easily slay everyone that aint donating/hardcore farming. Thats point is solved in the most popular MMO´s, they have really good ways to do it. But a simple and fair mechanic would do great things.

Some example I have from a Server I played a long time ago.
There were 5 Set Ranking.
The first could be bought for money. Which a Hardcore Farmer could get in 30 minutes and a casual gamer in 2-4 hours.
Which had effects like these: 50% IDC and 20% ATK.
Than there were 4 higher ranking you could get from a variety of things like Dungeon, a Farmmap (Like in Insanity with the Factions but I were before that time) and with simple just collecting on the colli-field.
The 4 Higher Ranks were harder and harder to get.
So here a quick overview about that (For a Blade):

Ranking 5 Set
Hardcore 30 Minutes - Casual 2-4 hours
Effects 30% IDC // 25% ATK

Ranking 4 Set
Hardcore 4 hours- Casual 2 Days
Effects 45% IDC // 45% ATK // 5% HP

Ranking 3 Set
Hardcore 1 day - Casual 1 week
Effects 75% IDC // 60% ATK // 15% HP // 50 STR

Ranking 2 Set
Hardcore 1 week - Casual 1 month
Effects 90% IDC // 70% ATK // 20% HP // 85 STR

Ranking 1 Set
Hardcore 1 month - Casual 1/2 year
Effects 100% IDC // 75% ATK // 25% HP // 100 STR

The highest gain in the Effects were at Ranking 3-2. A Hardcore Player, 8+ Hours a day, would be better with every new set. He could more easily kill a casual player. But the casual players can be good enough to own a Hardcore player, just with skill. And if thats the fact the Gameplay of Everyone improved at a great point.
That said if there are enough ways to get the items, enough variety, maybe a cool new System or such.
That may be not the right values, I dont remember the exact values, but everyone should understand what I am implying.
A Hardcore player would have a reason to get a better set and a casual player can more advance on the game.

I´ll advance my thoughts in the Future.

Also the Server experience is so far great. I want to play here and maybe give thoughts to you, so that this Server may in the Future could be the new "Insanity" (From Votes/Players).

With friendly Regards and with the thought hopefully you understood what I meant (Since I am not a native English Speaker)
Jan aka. Sonorpearl


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A Brief to the Server Empty Re: A Brief to the Server

Post  LockonStratos on Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:20 pm

For I! "LockonStratos" think that it will make players fly and go....... there will be no player inter-action if you obtain everything in one scoop of ice cream thus making the server palyers zombies LoL, no chit chat, specially no live market,

and regarding the new players decreasing?? i think not all those new players are just old palyers getting a new char... in order to get true new players they just need a good advertisement of the server plus with your help in voting we could be top 1 in voting sites that will attract other players here..

btw its just an opinion im not demanding or something ok...

More power to the server!!


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