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For the better nor worst.

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For the better nor worst. Empty For the better nor worst.

Post  I'm Sinner on Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:17 pm

I would like to suggest this....
A SHIELD for harlequins..

I saw and proven that a Full-Donate harlequin is useless.
Full equips w/ 3x 100 stats got a 1.2m+ damage w/ almost 300k hp? Shocked
Oh em ge , why why?

Other jobs can reach million of hp and millions of damage, as far as I realize and analyze.
This is super not fair , why? harlequins can't use shield.

It would be better if Harlequins can use shield like the other version we have.
Eventho`, pvp damages% aren't.

This is a suggestion for those who made Harlequins, wasting donate points to be
a fully equipped char but sad to say, it goes fail and useless.

I hope this suggestion will take a concern for others.
I, a harlequin player, hope for this and will be considered.

Happy gaming!
I'm Sinner
I'm Sinner

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