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Paratexo´s Event-GM Application

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Paratexo´s Event-GM Application Empty Paratexo´s Event-GM Application

Post  Paratexo on Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:23 pm

Hello Smile This is my application for the outstanding job of beeing Event Gamemaster
Name: Jan Küster
Age: 18 year´s old
Location: Germany
Hours Online: Depends on school and the exams
IGN : Sentiment/Mezzo

Why should I be chosen as a GM at Dope Flyff.
Because i am a responsibility person with a with a helpfull and open personality.
Ive been active as a gm on other servers 4. I am a big fan of this server and Play it since 1year. And totally i play FLYFF since 10 year´s.

My Strengths and Weaks.
Strengths:Ive got patience for support and discussions with other player´s.
Often i heard of beeing racist because i am German but i am not. Not even a bit.
My English skills are well, not perfect i know but now i am really nervous.
My school is a Private shool for English/Translation/Eventmenagement soo.. I think i wouldnt be bad at this place in the team.
Ive done the Business english test from the LCCI and passed.^^
I love to plan and perform Events thats why i do Eventmenagement

And now my Weaks.
I cannot be only every day because i need to learn for my exams.
I am obviously nervous as i said.
Well the time differences from germany to usa.
Its hard to tell his own weaks..

I hope to hear from you
so far
Jan Küster


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