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My Dream Come True (Hoping) - Tundra

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My Dream Come True (Hoping) - Tundra

Post  Owreeree on Fri May 15, 2015 3:16 pm


Hi this Tundra (Slayer) from DopeFlyff of course.
I play flyff for a long time since i was 13 years old until now Smile lol.. and i got a lot of knowledge about flyff and im active player and sometimes no sleep for flyff lol. I play Flyff Ph, AetherFlyff, HeroFlyff, and Exordium. and now Dope flyff..

Since im here in your Game, Im just trying and hoping to fullfil my dream to become a GameMaster in DopeFlyff, i promise if im going be a GM i will do all my duties and my responsibilities for being a GM, and Entertain the question of the other Player and Help them as long as i can Smile. I really want to experience the feeling of a Game Master.

Thankyou and have a nice day to the Owner and to all Game Master Smile


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