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Sentrill's Developer Support Application

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Sentrill's Developer Support Application Empty Sentrill's Developer Support Application

Post  Sentrill on Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:32 pm

Name: Josh

IGN: Sentrill/Fleek

Age: 18

Timezone: GMT -5 (Eastern)

Language: English

About Me: My name is Josh, I'm 18 years old and I'm from the United States. I'm a huge gamer from League of Legends to NBA 2K15 to Flyff, I love it all. I'm also interesting in pursuing a career in graphical/game designing. Speaking of careers, I just recently graduated from high school last Friday. I'm looking towards attending my first college courses this Fall. Not really sure what else to put here so I'll just move on. Laughing

Flyff/Dope Flyff Experience: I've played Flyff since early v15 and began playing Dope Flyff before v15 shutdown back in 2012. I've met tons of great people and friends and it's been quite a journey. You may probably all know me as Havoc as I went by that name back in v18. As most of you know I was the kid that was GM for maybe about a week because I was just an immature 15 year old that wasn't really ready for the pressure of being a staff member. I've done some growing up and moved on to become a much more professional individual.

What Am I Applying For and Why: I'm applying to become a support developer to help bring in new features to the server though I am still an amateur and plan to grow as I go along. I've worked on my own local server a ton looking for new information to learn and what can be modified. I can't afford the funds of creating my own live server but I would love to share anything fun or worth experiencing that I come across with my favorite private server. I've built myself a decent bit of experience such that I want to help bring Dope Flyff back to it's prowess days. I'm not promising anything although it is a goal of mine. With my hopes of getting into graphical design in the near future I believe this would be a good start and what better way to do it than on my favorite MMO. Most of you may be thinking, "So basically, you just want a live server to play around with?" and no that is not the reason. If you don't know developers are difficult to find now-a-days because they're aren't many who work with Flyff with it being so aged and much simpler than what gaming is evolving into. Developers who work with Flyff also want tons of money that can't be afforded. I'll use my experience that I already have and pile on more to improve my resume hopefully.

Contact Information:
Skype - kypohable
Email -


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