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SpicyTuna's GM Application

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SpicyTuna's GM Application Empty SpicyTuna's GM Application

Post  timmytam223 on Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:35 am

Hello I'm Tim!!
IGN: SpicyTuna
Country: Australia
Age: 16
Languages: English, Japanese, broken Tagalog

About me: Hello again, I am Tim and I have recently become extremely in love with Dope Flyff. I live in Australia and I am currently studying in University (despite my age). I took up gaming as a young kid, and Flyff has been the only game that really stuck for me. As I've studied, I've also learnt two new languages; Japanese and a little bit of Tagalog, so my involvement in different cultures is well suited for such a global game.

My experiences with Flyff: I started Flyff in 2009, giving me roughly 7 years of combined experience. In that time I have jumped from private server to private server (some becoming a GM). While although I was extremely bad at the game, and couldn't handle being a GM in other Flyff's, I feel much more mature and capable to solve community problems, provide regular events, and help the community have fun and be safe.

What I am applying for and why: I would love to become a game master, as I am often online and active, and ready to engage the community in activities. I would love to build on my skills as a leader, and further develop my communication skills by helping the community. My knowledgable experience and willingness to contribute is one of the main reasons I think I am suited to be a full time helper on the Dope Flyff Team.

Tagay lahat, またね!
-Tim (ティム)


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