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Prideful's GM Application

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Prideful's GM Application Empty Prideful's GM Application

Post  Prideful on Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:42 am

Hey Everyone Smile

Name: Patrick Halmich
Age: 21 (26 October 1993)
Timezone: UTC+1
IGN:Prideful, Pridefulx3

Why i wanna become a GameMaster: I wanna help people and make them happy,i love to help where i can, I'm a good Team Player

About Me:
*I'm Super Friendly
*I can Speak English and German.
*I don't have much experience for being GM in Flyff.
*My Hobbys are Music,Gaming and going out with friends.
*First time i Started playing Dope Flyff was v16.
*I'm the most time 12hours+ Online.

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