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Spending your Dope Monster Chips

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Spending your Dope Monster Chips

Post  YoItsFalcon on Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:12 pm

For those who are wondering on how and where to spend you dope monster coins, please listen here.

Dope Monster Coins/Chips are be obtained by killing mobs in the ticket called 'Estyn'
Its a golden ticket that is sold for 140 Million Penya. NPC [Cash Shop Scary] sells this ticket.
After getting the ticket, feel free to join a party that is using the drop rate(for double the DMC). After farming your required amount. You go to East Flaris.
In east flaris there are 4 NPCs.
Dope Dealer Joe, Drake, Lizz, and Ispim.

They will sell to you, Models for weapons, Cloak, Fashion, Behemoth Weapons, Etc.

Hope this guide turns out to be helpful in anyway Smile


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