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Post  Retroo on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:32 pm

Hi me name is Silvio i´m from Argentina (Latin America South) , this is my first application here

Time : (GMT-3)

Age : 20 years.

IGN ( In-Game Name) : Retroo (main character)

Experience in Flyff : i play the first dope until now and other flyff , i know a lot of the game
What can i do if i be GM : i have free time i can do events (like invasion , hide and seek i can learn all the GM Codes to do that , always write this type of codes so i can´t forget) , always in good mood to help and do events , and punish for those who to ilegal/break the rules i can be the "bad GM"  lol!

Lenguages : Spanish (maternal lenguage) and english (i can understand and read perfectly)

Other : i start play flyff since the first day , i try a few private servers i find Dope Flyff searching in Prvivate Games, i try since the first day and i like it , i help people in game with some questions or problems when they ask me , i do shop events (1 DMC ALL)

I hope been choose for GM , so i can make even better the server and help the Gm with any stuff

well this is the end  Very Happy , hope can get any vote  Smile

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