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All about the Dope Rebirth System (outdated guide reffer to mel's rb guide)

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All about the Dope Rebirth System (outdated guide reffer to mel's rb guide)

Post  LockonStratos on Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:23 am

Rebirth and Rebirth Rewards!!

Ok!! so most of us knows the rebirth system right?? Just like the previous rebirth features in dope or some other servers that when we become a Max Lvl'ed job and then rebirth to be a "Lvl 1 Vagrant" again in a certain number of times.

here's some facts about rebirth on this server:

1. You need to have a maxed out char. meaning its at Lvl 150 w/ 99.99% exp
2. You need Rebirth Scrolls
3. Max rebirth is 30 so you'll need 30 rebirth scrolls
4. Every Rebirth Scrolls costs 150 Perins at Rebirth-Joon (an NPC at the east of Flaris), 2k to 2.8k DMC on players who are selling them. (BTW it's common price is at 2.5k DMC but still depends on the Seller) you can also obtain it via lucky box

Yes!! Rebirth scrolls are expensive especially for begginers.... but don't worry you get your first 3 pcs. free Rebirth Scrolls upon reaching Lvl 150 for the first time... after rebirthing 3 times thats where you're horror starts

Here's some tips on how you obtain those Effing overpriced and hard to obtain Rebirth scrolls:

Consume those 3 Rebirth Scrolls you had just obtained after lvling up maxed.... Gear up your char. I recommend using an arcanist or slayer for this, gear the slayer with damage equips ICD, Adoch, Str, you do the same with your arca except your stats is Int Though LoL
Once you are confident with your character Go buy Some "Estyn Ticket" NPC: Scary at flarine it cost around 175m that is where you will farm your DMC.... every monster on the map drops dmc so just go on a rampage!!! Kill everything onsite!! Loot penya which turns into perin that can be exchanged to rb scrolls
Loot DMC, Loot the quest items dunno but it might come handy in the future.. Loot Lucky Boxes though based on my experience its only a small chance I mean opening 6,000 pieces lucky box gives you 4 Rebirth scrolls Great Right?..

Its faster to Farm if you join a party using party buffs that increases drop rate and drop amount if you're lucky Lord buffs will also help!!

other way of obtaining them is thru votes every 99 vote points you earn you can exchange them to 999 perins or 9999 Dmc its up to you which one you'll pick
The easiest way of obtaining them is via donates same as voting you get to spend your donates for perins and DMC without the hours of farming or voting

Now have you realized the gruelling task of max rebirthing a character?? don't worry in every successful rebirth you get a reward here's the list

Event Reward= char. bind
RB-Level 0
Event reward: Scroll of rebith 3pcs. (used For rebirths)
Event reward: Riding Cloud (Flying Mount)
Event reward: (Event) Valentine Chocolate 5pcs.(Buffs: Inc. Atk by 10% for 2hrs)
Event reward: Love Chocolate 20pcs.(Buffs: Inc. Atk by 10% for 2hrs)
Event reward: Coral Island Ticket 1day
Event reward: Pineapple Cone 500pcs. (Potion: Recover HP by 10k)
Event reward: Pot of Thanks 2pcs. (Buffs: Inc. Hp by 300, Atk by 15%, EXP. gain by 10% for 1hr)
Event reward: Baby Serus Uriel 15days (Looter Pet)
Event reward: Christmas Cake 15pcs (Buffs: Inc. Atk by 10%)
Event reward: Inventory Bag 2pcs. 1day
Event reward: Pride of Victory 15pcs (Buffs: Inc. Hp by 20% and Atk by 5% for 10mins)
Event reward: Upcut Stone 2pcs. (Buffs: Inc. Atk by 20% for 20mins)
Event reward: Full Shout 1day
Event reward: Scroll Of Amplification 3pcs. (Buffs: Inc. EXP. gain by 150%)
Event reward: Azria Ticket 1day
Event reward: (Event) Remantis Laccotte 200pcs. (Potion: Recover HP by 999b)
Event reward: Grilled Eel (Event) 10pcs. (Buff: Inc. HP by 50% for 15mins.)
Event reward: (Event) Pot Of Love 2pcs. (Buffs: Inc. Hp by 550)

RB-Level 1

RB-Level 2

RB-Level 3

RB-Level 4
1k DMC

RB-Level 5
1k DMC

RB-Level 6
1k DMC

RB-Level 7

RB-Level 8
2k DMC

RB-Level 9
2k DMC

RB-Level 10
2k DMC

RB-Level 11
2k DMC

RB-Level 12
2.1k DMC

RB-Level 13
2.2k DMC

RB-Level 14
2.3 DMC

RB-Level 15
2.4k DMC

RB-Level 16
2.5k DMC

RB-Level 17
2.6k DMC

RB-Level 18
2.7k DMC

RB-Level 19
2.8k DMC
Spider Cage (Pet w/ 100 all stats)

RB-Level 20
2.9k DMC

RB-Level 21
3k DMC

RB-Level 22
3.5k DMC

RB-Level 23
4.5k DMC

RB-Level 24
5.5k DMC

RB-Level 25
6.5K DMC

RB-Level 26
7.5K dmc

RB-Level 27
10K dmc

RB-Level 28
15k DMC

RB-Level 29

RB-Level 30
Jewelry Coupon (Exchange Item for Last Tier Accessories for now)

All in all you get 110k DMC + Spider Cage (Pet w/ 100 all stats) and Jewelry Coupon (Exchange Item for Last Tier Accessories for now)

So you decide is your investment worth it? LoL

Sorry for the long post but hope this helps

Outdated reffer to mel's guide

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Re: All about the Dope Rebirth System (outdated guide reffer to mel's rb guide)

Post  rattek1 on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:45 pm

this guide needs to be deleted... none of it is true.. u dont get free rebirths at lvl 150


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