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Post  pumapanax on Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:36 am

Name: Denmark Padilla

Age: 22

Country: Philippine

Time Zone: GMT+8

Position you're applying for: Game Master

ING: zh3n

Experience: I was Game Master in 3 games of Flyff (private servers), I worked hard, I have a big imagination and I can make many events in game (of course, with rest of Staff permission). Everytime when I have a position in a Staff or in a Team I do my best. I play flyff for 5 years (I started at 17 years old and I still play, so.. I know many things about a flyff game).

I want to do this because I think that I can come out with many ideas and I can come with something new in this game and maybe because in game isn't a Staff player Online a lot of time to answer players questions and help them how he can and I think that I can do this, because players need this, so.. I just wanna help this server how much I can.

Thanks For Reading Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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