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Scroll of Forgive & Dungeons

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Scroll of Forgive & Dungeons Empty Scroll of Forgive & Dungeons

Post  RedMoon on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:32 am

I got PK points/Karma Disposition in return by joining the FFA Mode. Is that how it works? Anyway, I asked a player to buy me a Scroll of Forgive in the NPC since killers can't access shops. I paid him 275m because he said it was the price (Was it really? I didn't have a chance to check). It didn't work at all. It would've been okay if the scroll disappeared but its effect didn't work, but it didn't even disappear nor work. Is the scroll bugged? Does it even work? How do we reduce/remove karma?

In dungeons like Sanpres, Uresia, Aminus, Netherworld, Disillusion, etc., do you guys encounter monsters? Because I didn't even encounter a single one. Is it underconstruction? I've relogged a few times and it still no monsters.

I would appreciate it if my questions will be answered.

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